Talk Radio Golden Deposits

Way back when all those recorded shows were being encoded for the original Depository of Sound, life was different. People dialled up to the internet, often with connection speeds of 28k, maybe even 56k. Even at the time, the idea of putting up huge audio files of complete radio shows for download was kinda silly. The only way to make it even slightly possible was to use RealPlayer's most severe codec (so severe they don't make it any more) to [literally] crunch the shows down to a smooth-sounding 5kbps.

And so, for years, that's how it was. But I keep better quality versions of the shows, which of course sounded a whole lot better - they were just too big for people to reasonably download at the time.

Nowadays, broadband means that nobody's going to think twice about doing a 20-50mb download of a radio show. And so, with the help of the legendary Mr Timo for lending the webspace and hosting, and without whom this whole thing wouldn't be happening, presented here for the first time are the full quality original recordings in MP3 format. Enjoy.

Talk Radio Saturday Nights:

[SND] NA980425.mp3            29.8M 
[SND] NA980502.mp3            30.4M 
[SND] NA980509.mp3            30.7M 
[SND] NA980516.mp3            30.8M 
[SND] NA980523.mp3            30.7M 

Talk Radio Weeknights:

[SND] NA980721.mp3            23.8M 
[SND] NA980722.mp3            27.0M 
[SND] NA980727.mp3            23.7M 
[SND] NA980728.mp3            23.8M 
[SND] NA980730.mp3            23.6M 
[SND] NA980803.mp3            23.6M 
[SND] NA980804.mp3            18.8M 
[SND] NA980805.mp3            17.8M 
[SND] NA980806.mp3            11.7M 
[SND] NA980807.mp3            23.4M  (last hour missing)
[SND] NA980810.mp3            23.2M 
[SND] NA980811.mp3            22.2M 
[SND] NA980813.mp3            22.7M 
[SND] NA980814.mp3            21.7M  (last hour missing)
[SND] NA980817.mp3            23.9M 
[SND] NA980818.mp3            23.2M 
[SND] NA980819.mp3            23.1M 
[SND] NA980820.mp3            22.1M 
[SND] NA980821em.mp3       23.7M  (end missing)
[SND] NA980824.mp3            46.7M  (4 hours)
[SND] NA980825.mp3            46.3M  (4 hours)
[SND] NA980826.mp3            23.2M  (2 hours)
[SND] NA980827.mp3            45.7M  (4 hours)
[SND] NA980828em.mp3       26.4M  (last 20 min missing)
[SND] NA980901.mp3            23.7M 
[SND] NA980902.mp3            23.5M 
[SND] NA980903.mp3            22.2M 
[SND] NA980904em.mp3        18.2M  (end missing)
[SND] NA980907.mp3            24.4M 
[SND] NA980908.mp3            22.8M 
[SND] NA980909.mp3            22.0M 
[SND] NA980910.mp3            21.9M 
[SND] NA980911.mp3            31.3M 
[SND] NA980914.mp3            23.1M 
[SND] NA980918sm.mp3       11.6M  (last hour only)
[SND] NA980921.mp3            22.8M 
[SND] NA980922.mp3            22.8M 
[SND] NA980923.mp3            23.5M 
[SND] NA980924.mp3            22.1M 
[SND] NA980928.mp3            23.1M 
[SND] NA980929.mp3            23.4M 
[SND] NA981002.mp3            37.4M  (full show)
[SND] NA981005.mp3            22.0M 
[SND] NA981007.mp3            21.3M 
[SND] NA981008sm.mp3        18.2M  (starts late)
[SND] NA981012.mp3            21.1M 
[SND] NA981013.mp3            20.7M 
[SND] NA981015.mp3            21.5M 
[SND] NA981016.mp3            31.7M 
[SND] NA981019.mp3            21.7M 
[SND] NA981023em.mp3       10.0M  (finishes early)
[SND] NA981026.mp3            20.7M 
[SND] NA981029.mp3            20.3M 
[SND] NA981030.mp3            32.9M  (complete version)
[SND] NA981102sm.mp3        18.5M  (starts late)
[SND] NA981106a.mp3          24.0M  (part 1)
[SND] NA981106b.mp3          11.3M  (part 2)
[SND] NA981109.mp3            22.4M (last show)